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Somatic Goal Setting is a simple yet highly affective technique that brings significant and lasting results, no matter the starting point, history, experiences, self-esteem or confidence. Beyond SMART goals that you might define but not execute, Somatic Goal Setting identifies the unconscious barriers and blocks that stop you from following through. Somatic (from Greek 'soma' meaning body) engages mind, body, brain & behavior accessing our innate capacity and wisdom in directing our life towards expansion and safety. A holistic approach greater than just our mindset to truly set us for success.

Course curriculum

    1. Somatic Goal Setting 40min Tutorial

    2. Somatic Goal Setting Workbook

    3. Somatic Goal Setting Worksheets

Somatic Goal Setting

What you'll gain ...

  • Get super clear on the goals you are deeply passionate about
  • Learn how to prioritise goals for maximum attainment 
  • Uncover your unique and specific barriers and blockages to goal achievement

So that ... 

  • You know exactly where, when and how to start 
  • And most importantly you break through repetitive behaviours and beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals

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